AGI: Doom or Boon for Homo Sapiens? seminar update

AGI: Doom or Boon for Homo sapiens?

Wednesday, 26 August 2015 (9 Bhadra 2072)

Venue: Russian Culture Center, Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu

Duration: 2 hrs (1500 hrs – 1700 hrs)



  • CSIT Association of Nepal (CSITAN)
  • Nepal Russia ICT Society (NRICTS)


Media Partner:

Sponsored By: Slash IT Solutions and Training Center


  • Mr. Aadesh Neupane: Mr. Neupane is researcher/developer currently working on Inspiring lab where research and development of Nepali Natural Language Processing engine is going on.
  • Mr. Chandan Goopta: Research Assistant, KU, CEO Opinio; Mr. Goopta, is researcher and developer of Nepali Sentiment Analysis Engine.


Program Schedule

MC: Sristi Shakya

Time Details By
3:00- 3:05 Program Start and Receive Guests
3:05- 3:10 Welcome speech NRICTS representative
3:10-3:15 Guest speech Kshitiz Karki (Sponsor)
3:15-3:45 Presentation Aadesh Neupane
3:45- 4:30 Presentation Chandan Goopta
4:30-4:35 Token of love Distribution
4:35-4:45 Vote of thanks Shristi Baral
4:45-5:00 Program wrap up Chairman


Program Commenced at 1510

The program began with an Introduction by the representative from Nepal Russia ICT Society representative. They welcomed the event with enthusiasm and support. The event was a part of the society’s monthly events and the first one.



The presentations were divided into two parts: for and against Artificial General Intelligence. Both the presentations were interesting and informative. The slides are posted here.

Guest Speech – Hempal Shrestha

Mr. Hempal Shrestha has been actively involved in the FOSS Nepal community. He was very supportive of the seminar. He enthusiastically expressed his views on AI with his short speech.


Token of Love Distribution

A Token of Love was gifted to the guest and presenters.


Official Closure

Mr. Abhash Adhikari, the current President of CSITAN formally ended the event


Photo Session

Group Photo


Interaction Session

The attendees and CSITAN team had an interaction sessions with each other and the presenters. It was a vibrant moment.



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