How can i prepare for BSC CSIT Entrance Examination

It’s good to thinking about preparation before joining any program. And it more make sense to the course like BSC CSIT.

There are few reasons why should you prepare BSC CSIT entrance exam.

1. The gap between your knowledge (+2) and your aim (BSC CSIT) is bigger than you imagine.

2. The high number you get will have the better chance to get admission on your choice of college*

3. The higher number can also keep the chance to get discount while admission.

4. This will build your confidence on giving exam and getting secured.

But where you start your preparation, Till now i don’t see any particular institution who are carrying but i am sure if they get business they can start anytime. But my suggestions are little but different.

1. Don’t go anywhere and wait for the while, maximum college will provide free entrance preparation class.

2. Find out old question set and start practicing on your own.

3. Prepare for your future rather than wasting time on exam set only, You can start doing HTML, Programming, Networking stuff, Blogging, and many other things. Which will be good for your time on studying CSIT

Prakash Neupane
Ex-executive, CSITAN

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