CSITAN signed an MoU with Texas College of Management and IT

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A memorandum of understanding (MOU) is a formal agreement between two
parties. Companies and organizations can use MOUs to establish official
partnerships. On 24th February 2020, CSITAN and Texas College of Management
and IT signed an MoU stating to work in collaboration to organize the different
workshops and to create new opportunities for the students of the college.
It was a great honor for CSIT Association of Nepal to start an official partnership with
Texas College of Management and IT, as both the organizations had already been
collaborating for a long time. It was a pleasure for the CSITAN team
to meet Mr. Bhesh Raj Pokhrel, CEO of Texas International College, faculty
members of the college, and the undergraduate students during the MoU signing
ceremony. A small event was organized for both the organizations and students of
Texas International College to gather together and interact with each other before
the MoU signing. The welcoming nature of the college administration and the
students created a great positive environment for both the parties to mark their
The event was hosted by Mr. Omkar Basnet, a faculty member of Texas International
College. He provided a brief overview of CSITAN along with the contract that was to
be signed. His introduction session was then followed by sessions by the President
of CSITAN, Ms. Garima Khakurel, and the CEO of Texas International College, Mr.
Bhesh Raj Pokhrel. Both of their sessions were about the importance of such
collaborations, what this MoU meant for both the organizations and gratitude for
such continuous support and partnerships.
The event was wrapped up by signing of the MoU by the President of CSITAN and
the CEO of Texas International College with hope for achieving more significant goals

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Rishu Chaudhary
Executive Member CSITAN- Central

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