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General Membership

Becoming CSITAN General Member is the really great platform for B.SC CSIT students. Once you have enroll in our membership you will get lots of benefits and networking to high level of personalities from various  organization. You can also have opportunities to grow yourself as a tech leader.

Membership Eligibility Criteria : 

Must be student of B.SC CSIT

Membership cost : 

Rs: 350 (valid until you graduate CSIT )

T-shirt: Rs. 250 (Optional)

As a CSITAN you will be benefited of:

  • CSITAN’s membership card and badge
  • Partial discount in the paid events of CSITAN.
  • Special personal skill development sessions designed only for the members.
  • Chance to applying for Executive Membership.
  • Major discounts in our partner institutes on different courses.
  • Priority for internships and jobs in partner institutions and companies.
  • CSITAN’s T-Shirt (Cost applicable).
  • Support from CSITAN for your project or the events to be conducted in your respective college.
  • Notifications for upcoming events via email or phone.
  • Priority will be given to registered CSITAN member in the participant selection process during the event.
  •  Access to the vast network and associated tech communities of CSITAN.
  • A recommendation letter.
  • Can involve in different events of CSITAN as either Volunteer, Presenter or Participant.
  • Article or blog can be posted in CSITAN website.

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