5th University Industry Tie Up

We feel extreme pleasure to inform you about our upcoming event “5th University University-Industry Tie-Up Program” which is going to be held soon in collaboration with Tribhuvan University. The four tie-ups that were conducted in past four years were successful in unleashing the potentials of young students and we are looking forward for better results this time as well.

It is an obvious fact that the new generation of young people can lead to higher savings, higher investment and consequently a higher economic growth rate of nation with their intellectual capability. Nevertheless, in the current circumstances, we can see that there exists a huge gap between the Universities and industries in terms of professionals produced by the universisities every year and their demand in the industries. The shortfall of skilled professionals can affect the productivity and competitiveness of the business, which ultimately hampers the economy of Nepal.


In regards to the conditions mentioned above, IT industries and Tribhuvan University can collaborate with each other and prepare its students addressing their demand in the industry after they graduate. The core concept of the “University-Industry Tie-up” is to bridge the huge gap between the university course curriculum that the students acquire in their colleges and the requirement a company is seeking in potential job/intern applicants. This event is mainly focused on creating a platform for the University students and Industries to establish a professional relationship, assist each other to understand the IT world better as well as to acknowledge the requirement and demand in most outstanding and remarkable event of the year.