How often do you use GOOGLE? Almost every day and if you are a technology student, yes I feel you. When we use these search engines, we get certain results as per our queries. It lies on the surface web. Likewise, the deep web refers to parts of the Internet not fully accessible through standard search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. People often use the term deep web interchangeably with the dark web, but the two are not the same. Deep web refers to websites and web pages that aren’t indexed by search engines like login pages and payment portals. The dark web, by contrast, is configured on darknets that are online networks and can be accessed only with special software and techniques. A special browser called Tor is required to access the dark web. It allows people to travel through the web unanymously. It was launched in 2002 by the US military for military purposes; however, people started exploiting their freedom with the help of the dark web. After the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, people were able to perform monetary transactions without revealing their identity. This gave a boost to the growing popularity of the dark web. In 2011, Silicon Road was launched. Within a short time, it became a famous arena for various illegal activities. Soon, it was banned by the government.

However, many alternatives of the dark web had already been introduced in the market due to which dark web is still accessible today. The Dark Web is a famous hub of all elite hackers. One can only wonder how dangerous it really is. All of our private information can be easily accessed through the dark web. Malware and scams are present around like landmines. Similarly, the illegal selling and buying of drugs and firearms, and hiring hitmen are common activities on the dark web. However, it doesn’t mean it is always bad. It actually depends on the motive of the person accessing the dark web. Though people may access the dark web for the right reasons, it is very likely to tangle into the darker side of the web. In the nutshell, don’t get carried away with your curiosity, and don’t surf the dark web as things might turn out pretty scary.

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