Virtual Reality

Human beings are visual creatures, and hence they are more immersed to interact with 3D worlds instead of viewing a screen in front of them. Virtual Reality is concerned with computer technology with scenes that appear to be real in order
to create a simulated environment. The environment is perceived through a device known as a Virtual reality headset or helmet. Whenever we talk of Virtual Reality (VR ) many of us think of science fictions movies and games. Virtual Reality (VR)
is now in the upgrading phase in the field of technology. And it creates a convincing and interactive world for the users.
Despite being a technology originating long ago, most people still are confused between virtual and augmented reality. In virtual reality, everything we see is a part of an environment artificially constructed through images, sounds, sensors and many other techs. devices. Whereas, in augmented reality, our own world becomes the framework within which objects or images are placed. In the pace of development of virtual and augmented reality, mixed reality is the outcome of a combination of virtual and augmented reality which is far more enjoyable. In mixed reality, we can see the virtual objects in the real world and can build physical experience with them.

Education, architecture, entertainment, medical are some areas that have taken the benefits of VR in today’s world. Not only for lab experiments and study purposes but it has also been widely used for development projects. The Virtual Reality(VR)

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