Impact of Technology on COVID-19

This is not the first time a global pandemic changed the whole world. The Black Death word anywhere from 5% to 40 % of people from the face of the Earth in the 14th century. So, what changed in 600 years? The answer- a lot.

Science and technology has been advancing at a rapid pace ever since. From tracking new strains of the Corona virus in days to helping create a working vaccine in months, the winners of technology have truly changed our lives.

Apart from facilitating breakthroughs in the medical field, the internet has helped us stay sane in this period of chaos. In the absence of physical contact, many businesses and companies went online. Marvelously, they functioned pretty well even under such conditions through use of emails and zoom meetings.

The schools went online too. Though the process wasn’t easy on either, the teachers and students tried their best in such conditions and made full use of the technology at hand to continue their studies.

For others, the internet served to be a distraction from their monotonous and bleak lives through all sorts of entertainment sources. Some binged on Netflix and YouTube while others lost themselves on video games enjoying the thrill of puttering with their friends online in MMOs and MOBAs.

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